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Bridgecreek and Fairchild Township Full Size

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Eisberner Buckhorn Bar Henning Art Dells Mill School Mill Museum Map of Bridgecreek and Fairchild Townships

Click coordinates include the location of the Donald Eisberner Memorial, the Dells Mill Museum, The Dells Mill School, The Buckhorn Bar and Campground (now known as the Trails Edge Saloon and Campground), The Henning Art Gallery, The Woodshed and many and More

Full size map of the Town of Bridgecreek and Town of Fairchild in Eau Claire County. Also known the Township of Bridgecreek and the Township of Fairchild.  The map includes:

Coon Fork, the Coon Fork Barrons, The Wisconsin State Wildlife recreation area, Augusta Wisconsin, Fairchild Wisconsin, the Coon Fork Campground, the Augusta Beaver Bowl, and Wisconsin State Natural Areas

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