The Rural Augusta Wisconsin Dells Mill One Room School  1922

From the Augusta Eagle Augusta Wisconsin Newspaper circa 1922 -

Reproduced in the Augusta Union in 1976 as part of a series as the 200th anniversary of the America approached.  The American Bi-Centennial

The Augusta Wisconsin School Student Body of the 1922-1923 School Year

Augusta Wisconsin Dells Mill School Class of 1923

During these time few male students completed grade school, most of the men were kept on the farm to support the families livelihood. The one room schools peppered rural Wisconsin from the late 19th Century until the mid-20th centuries.  Even fewer students passed from the rural grade school to high school  This picture was contributed to the Augusta Wisconsin Newspaper by Forrest Barnes as history- on the right, front row

The 1922-1923 Student list Augusta WI School at the Dells Mill Pond

Front; Row 1 Marvin Nehring, Agnes Knuth, Jessie Terry, a Harrell girl whose first name is not known; Thelma Wolfgang; Elsie Stevenson, and Forrest Barnes
Row 3 Lucille Wolfgang; Everett Senske; Art Knuth; Peggy Ervina Wolfgang, Bertha Knuth; and Ervin Knuth
Back; Row 4 Viola Wolfgang, Doris Senske; Esther Knuth; Amanda Knuth; Sadie Knuth; the teacher, Mrs. Howard; and Roy Knuth

Grades 1 to 8 were represented here with these 19 students - there was no kindergarten.  The school year stretched from mid-August to early May so that all family members could participate in the farming.  Enjoy this historic image and photo

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