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History of Augusta Wisconsin. 

 Check out tidbits on the About Augusta Wisconsin  page too. Augusta Wisconsin celebrated its 150th Birthday in 2006.  It was our Sesquicentennial The American Bald Eagle War Memorial in Augusta Wisconsin

Go with us through the years in a place seemingly unchanged by time

New Augusta War Memorial page.  Augusta Veterans have found in America's War from 1775 through 2012.

Augusta Wi Womens Infantry Medals 1912 Photo Augusta Wisconsin History High School Stone Street Augusta Wisconsin 1910 Post Card The Augusta Wisconsin Barn Dollar Stop Store
 Photos of Medals and Award Ribbons for the Women's Relief Corp 1883 The Augusta Wisconsin High School Assembly 1912 including the graduation class of 1912 and faculty  Post Card of Stone Street

 History of "The Barn"

Augusta Wisconsin was less than 10 years old during the Civil War.  Local citizens and especially the new immigrants and other Wisconsin Residents volunteered.  You can see a Civil War Diary on the Knuth Family Site Here

Augusta Wisconsin Eagle Newspaper
The nameplate and train schedule from the Augusta Eagle newspaper  Friday, March 20, 1914

Augusta had 3 newspapers during these time

Personal Recollections:
The Life of Virginia Mildred Erdman Bauch Staatz

1954 Telephone Book from Augusta WisconsinGrave headstone from the 1800s
1954 Augusta Telephone Book also a 1800's Grave Tree Trunk Headstone

Detailed History of Augusta Wisconsin
as written in 1874 and published in 1907
Detailed History of the Town of Bridge Creek
Both histories are intertwined, there is some detail in the Bridge Creek history about Augusta
Wisconsin History including Augusta as written in 1914

Historical Articles:
Detailed History of Augusta Wisconsin High School - 1906 from a newspaper article, published June 5, 1906, by Frank L. Clarke

Dells Mill Article 1
from a magazine article, publication and date not known, by R .K. Martinson

Dells Mill Article 2
from a magazine article, publication and date not known, by Eliza Lucinda Cubberley

Dells Mill Sixty-Five Years Old - Article 3
from the Augusta Union Newspaper, November 29, 1929, author unknown, transcribed from  Wisconsin Historical Society archives

Early History of Augusta Wisconsin from the Augusta Eagle Newspaper, June 23, 1906, author unknown,  transcribed from  Wisconsin Historical Society archives

History of Augusta in our Centennial Year of 1956 from the 1956 Centennial Booklet Compiled by Mrs. Karl Peplau, Mrs. O. G. Moland, Mrs. E. M. Herrell

Remembering the Centennial Year of 1956 50 years later  A personal recollection by the site author in 2006 of the 100th year celebration in 1956 - the way things were and how Augusta Wisconsin has changed

Miscellaneous Photos Index stretching from about 1890 to 2010

You can seen a 1949 Dairy Farm in the Augusta Area on the Knuth Family Site

1895 Wisconsin Map Link on the 1895 US Atlas Site (the population of Augusta in 1895 was 1187)
Dells Mill School in Augusta Wisconsin History
Link to a 1949 History of the Bears Grass Wisconsin Area
Link to a 1949 History of the Rodell Area School
Link to a 1949 History of the Russell Corners Area School
Link to a family site history of Bears Grass and Bears Grass Church

More Tidbits about Augusta Wisconsin History:

During the later 19th century and early part of the 20th Century, Augusta Wisconsin had as many as 7 passenger trains stopping a day. Some stops where just "whistle stops" but others where regularly scheduled arrivals and departures.  Some of these trains also stopped at Rodell Wisconsin (formerly known as Rosedale, Wisconsin), Fairchild Wisconsin and Humbird Wisconsin.  These same railroad tracks are still in use.

Take a scroll stroll through some Historic Augusta Wisconsin Photo Pages

Watertower from the 1970's
Augusta Wisconsin Watertower circa 1970's

Bills Street Bridge at the Mill
Augusta Wisconsin was laid out and organized as a village in 1856. It became a political unit  in 1883 and was chartered by the State of Wisconsin as a city in 1885.  2006 marked the 150th year of the town.

Formerly known as a part of Bridge Creek, it has it that some citizens proposed to name the place after the prettiest girl in town.  They held an election, and Augusta Rickard, a visitor to Augusta Wisconsin from Oak Grove, Wisconsin was the winner." * (This naming information conflicts with the article, An Early History of Augusta Wisconsin and also conflicts with the information in the "History of Augusta in our Centennial Year of 1956")

John F. Stone was one of the first settlers of Augusta Wisconsin. He erected a saw and gristmill at a point on Bridge Creek in 1856.*** 

This mill and bridge crosses Bridge Creek at Bills Street in Augusta.  The mill foundation is now part of the foundation for the platform at Grace Lutheran Marquardt Park.
Water Tower 1970s
Augusta Wisconsin once was the home of 3 newspapers, The Augusta Eagle, The Augusta Union and The Augusta Times.  It is currently served by only the Augusta Area Times.  See for more gossipy excerpts of  newspaper clippings from the past
First Ward Park in Augusta Wisconsin
click the thumbnail for a park history
Also see more  history  about the Augusta Wisconsin City Park, about the Dells Mill School, a one room grade school
Devine home in Augusta An Augusta house, a picture believed to be circa 1890's, the home of Richard Devine and Catherine L. Mahoney Devine.

See a Brief History of the Buckhorn Bar on the Buckhorn Tavern Page
1874 Augusta History

Augusta Wisconsin In Early Days - 1874
Written in 1874 by Harris Searl
From an article series published in the Augusta Eagle Newspaper, beginning March 27 1907, transcribed from Wisconsin Historical Society archives

An Augusta Wisconsin Business Directory of 1874

Augusta Wisconsin 1874

Augusta Wisconsin In 1881
From - History of Northern Wisconsin, 1881, Illustrated - The Western Historical Company – Chicago – Published 1881 - A. T. Andreas, 1281 pp

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Augusta Wisconsin 1874 Augusta High School in 1900
Augusta Wisconsin Lincoln Street circa 1907 Augusta High School circa 1900

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 Augusta Wisconsin History

* From The Romance of Wisconsin Place Names, by Robert E. Gard and L. G. Sorden  , c1968  Wisconsin House, Inc. and Compiled from the Centennial Year Booklet by Mrs. Karl Peplau, Mrs. O. G. Moland, Mrs. E. M. Herrell ** See the Augusta High School History Archive in the event that the originating pages are unavailable *** The History of the Chippewa Valley, by Thomas E. Randall 1875. Free Press Print. Eau Claire, Wisconsin Abbreviations for Wisconsin in Augusta are Wis and Augusta Wisc, and Augusta WI but Augusta Wisconsin will do Wisconsin History of a small town

History of Augusta Wisconsin

Wisconsin Octagon House in Augusta

New! Octagon House in Wisconsin Augusta History