Augusta Wisconsin East Lawn Cemetery

Tree Trunk Headstone Monument
The Tree Stump Grave Marker to the  A. G. Paddock family in Wisconsin History

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The Grave Marker is Commemorating Wisconsin family deaths 1867 to 1889
in Augusta Wisconsin, Seemingly unchanged by time
Commemorating pioneer spirits in Wisconsin History.

The Tree Trunk Gravestone photo is a monument unto itself.   Memorializing nature, life, death and God

The Eastlawn cemetery is a fascinating place to discover the deaths of the lives lived in Wisconsin History and the History of Augusta Wisconsin. Fascinating Lives of Wisconsin Pioneers. The details can be seen in the gravestones, headstones and monuments in the Eastlawn cemetery in Augusta Wisconsin. The family of AG Paddock

Tree Trunk Headstone Augusta Wisconsin East Lawn Cemetary Tree Trunk Headstone Photo Paddock Headstone Gravestone Augusta Wisconsin shaking hands with God

The tombstone of a tree stump (gravestone) is a memorial in the Augusta Wisconsin cemetery.  The Monument shows shaking hands between heaven and earth

A Headstone in Augusta Wisconsin from the 19th Century.  A family of Pioneers from Augusta Wisconsin - Detail of the Monument.  The memorial shows pioneers shaking hands with God

The Family of A. G Paddock

Those commemorated:

Joseph Henry 1867 - Drowned July 4th in Augusta Wisconsin Age 11
Charles Carrol 1873
Carrie May 1878
Jennie Adalaid 1873 Died December 3
Polly Russell died in 1887 at 95 Years 8 Months and 14 days
C. Abbie Died 1889

Facilitating Lives of Wisconsin Pioneers. The details can be seen in the gravestones, headstones, memorials and monuments in the Eastlawn cemetery in Augusta Wisconsin.  Augusta Wisconsin in 2006

Pioneer lives were short but they were memorialized in Wisconsin History


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