Augusta Wisconsin War Memorial

Honoring all that served from the Revolutionary War to Afghanistan

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The Wisconsin War Memorial reads: (see photos below)

This Memorial is dedicated to all Augusta Service Men and Women who have served in Peacetime and in War.  Especially honored are those list on these stones who gave their lives for their country and for our freedom.  Lest we forget, they gave up their tomorrows for our todays.

Commemorating the Warriors in Augusta Wisconsin

The earliest Augusts Wisconsin Veteran fighting for freedom was Levi Pettis (b. 2/26/1761, d. 11/5/1872).  He served in the Revolutionary War from 1775 to 1783 and in the War of 1812

Wisconsin Veterans from Augusta who lost their lives

Civil War 1861-1865

WWI 1917-1918

Korean Conflict 1950 - 953

Sewall Bliss
George W Campbell
William Casporus
James W Crouch
William H Guppee
John F Hale
Orrin C Hall
William Norton
Oscar Sargent

Frank L Eaton
Bernard H Honadel
Frank Samuel Scott
Clinton E Sondly
Karl M Spondly
Otto R Wegner
Charles R Helgerson
Ralph E Knuth

Spanish American War 1898

WWII 1941-1946

Vietnam War 1961-1975

Ervin H Goede
Raymond J Hanson
Carl W Johnson
Ruggles E Monroe
Henry E Radtke
Lawrence J (Chick) Rugotzke
John (Jack) Webster Smith
Rueben O Staats
Clarence E (Happy) Zank
La Vern A Hageness
Dale E Erdman
Rodney J Lawson
Daniel L Westlie

Persian Gulf War 1990-1991

Afghanistan 2001- / Iraq 2001 - 2012

1st Memorial Stone sponsored by the city of Augusta

2nd Memorial Stone sponsored by Bush Brothers

3rd  Memorial Stone sponsored by Unity Bank

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The American Bald Eagle War Memorial in Augusta Wisconsin Wisconsin War Memorial in Augusta Wisconsin

In Honor of Frank W Smith 1917-1955
WWII 1942-1945

In Honor of Gerald C Setzer
US Army - Vietnam

The Augusta Wisconsin War Memorial

Augusta Veterans have fought in every American conflict from the Revolutionary War to Afghanistan

Augusta Wisconsin veterans have fought with the United States Marines, Army, Air Force, Navy and every branch of the services


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