The Trails Edge Saloon and Campground, formerly known as The Buckhorn Bar and Campground

it was also known as the The Buckhorn Tavern.

Click on the thumbnail to see the bar of Buckhorn Tavern circa 1950

Augusta Wisconsin Buckhorn Bar

See below for a brief history of this eating and drinking establishment.  The Buckhorn bar image was taken before the establishment was remodeled in 2011

It became Trails Edge Saloon and Campground

Buckhorn Bar The Buckhorn Bar and Campground in Augusta Wisconsin

The Augusta Wisconsin Buckhorn Bar in Winter.  The approximate original size of the place can be seen under the taller roof structure

The Buckhorn Campground and Tavern in Augusta WI

The Buckhorn Bar and Tavern in Augusta Wisconsin - January 2005

The Buckhorn Tavern is a venerable institution in the Wisconsin countryside just about 4 miles from Augusta on Highway 27.  The bar was built, in the late 1930's or early 1940's, by resident Ernie Kunert of the Augusta area who lived across the road from the Dells Mill.  The Mill is less than 2 miles from the Buckhorn.

During the 40's and 50's it was a popular stop for farmers, hunters, those passing through and residents of the area.  The Buckhorn's heyday began in the late 1950's into the 1960's during the explosive growth of the Baby Boomer population and their reaching the age of majority.

The Buckhorn was a beer bar during the years when Wisconsin law allowed the purchase of beer by those between 18 to 21 years of age.  Hard liquor could not be purchased by anyone under 21 years during the most popular years of this 'watering hole'

 The Buckhorn's popularity accelerated during the early 60's as it became THE area dance place with a great Rock and Roll and soul juke box.  The bar became a dance destination

Customers from Eau Claire and University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire, Menominee and other areas far and wide frequently swelled the place's attendance beyond capacity.  In the late 60's and early 70's the Bar was remodeled and expanded to accommodate the crowds. A low stage was added to feature live Rock and Roll Music.  Prominent Rock bands from all over the mid-west performed almost every weekend during the Buckhorn Tavern's popularity peak.  Even the expanded version of the bar exceeded its capacity when the most popular bands were featured

The bar has suffered fires several times during its existence and the remodeled structure has not escaped.  It has always been rebuilt.

The tidal wave of baby boomers begin to pass from their youth and Drinking Age laws and Drinking and Driving Laws became tightened in the 1970's. Rock 'n Roll diminished in popularity as Country Music replaced it.  Buckhorn Bands continued to be scheduled in the 1980's and beyond but less frequently.  The Buckhorn, gradually, once again, became a local place for families, hunters, farmers and those passing through; and less of a destination.  Camping was added in the 1970 to expand the audience for what the Buckhorn has to offer

The Buckhorn is still a great place to grab a beverage and a snack or to attend a special music event or party. 

Update March 2012:

The establishment was purchased in 2011 by new owners and renamed the Trails Edge Saloon and Campground. Things are happening again at this location and its an all new business - now facilities and bands again.  Call the new owners at 715-286-5050.  Visit in Augusta Wisconsin

 Contact the owner to arrange a special event

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