Sand Mines in Augusta Wisconsin

The Progress of Sand Mines in Wisconsin in Eau Claire County

September 2012 - October 2012 - January 2013

Piles of Sand begin to dwarf the hills.   When the wind blows, the dust settles everywhere.  Breathing the silica for a number of years is a certain health hazard.  There is an Amish Community Rural School directly across the road from the Sand Mine

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Sand Mine in Augusta Wi Eau Claire County Sept 2012

The scale is huge, this mine uses over a million gallons a day from the ground water. Ninety percent is stated as being recycled 

Sand Mine Conveyor in Augusta Wi Eau Claire County Sept 2012

Sandmine in the Town of Bridgecreek Eau Claire County January 2013

Sand Mine in the Town of Bridgecreek Eau Claire county Augusta Wisconsin

Other Scenes in Augusta Wisconsin

Snowy Day in Wisconsin

Autumn on Stone Street North

Augusta Wisconsin 1874 Bank Building

Augusta Wisconsin Post Office

Augusta Wisconsin City Hall

Let it Snow! Wisconsin

Autumn on Stone Street North

The Augusta Wisconsin Memorial Library

The Augusta Post Office, Augusta WI 54722

The Augusta City Hall and Police Station, including Augusta Wisconsin Tourist Information

Bean and Bacon Days Royalty

Augusta Water Tower

Catholic Church in Augusta

Buckhorn Bar

Donald Eisberner Memorial

Miss Augusta and Bean and Bacon Day Royalty Past Celebrations

Brown Street in Augusta

Former Catholic Church - St Anthony's

Inside the Buckhorn in 2005 and a brief history of the bar now known as Trails Edge Saloon and Campground

The Donald Eisberner Memorial on Cheney Road

Henning Art Gallery

Augusta Wisconsin Sand Mine

Augusta Wisconsin Sand Mine

Eau Claire County Sand Mine Augusta Wi September 2012

Eau Claire County Sand Mine Map

The Rozan Henning Gallery and Sleigh and Carriage Museum in Augusta Wisconsin

Augusta Wisconsin Sand Mine Panorama

Augusta Wisconsin Sand Mine Detail

Augusta Wisconsin Sand Mine September 2012


Map of Eau Claire County with sand mines near Augusta Wisconsin

Dave Balliett Memorial thumbnail     Eau Claire County Sand Mine Augusta Wi September 2012   
Dave Balliett Memorial
dedicated September 7 2012

Augusta Wisconsin Sand Mine Conveyor September 2012




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