The Mill on Bills Street, crossing Bridgecreek near Grace Lutheran Church

Augusta Wisconsin History

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The Hilts Mill in Augusta Wisconsin Bills Street Bridge and Mill in WI

The Hilts Planing Mill and the Bills Street Bridge over Bridge Creek
aka The Hilts Saw Mill in Augusta Wisconsin
The location is currently Grace-Marquardt Park

Augusta Wisconsin The Bills Street Bridge, Dam and Mill over Bridge Creek in Augusta Wisconsin. Remnants of the mill and dam existed for decades after the mill ceased to exist. The location was used for years as a swimming hole and fishing hole for the kids of Augusta as long as there was access to the dam's remints, well into the 1970's

The view is looking east in Augusta Wisconsin up Bridgecreek.   The bridge was torn down in the 1980s, and replaced with a foot bridge between Washington and Perkins Street and the Grace Lutheran Church. 

The location is now the site of the Grace - Marquardt City Park, dedicated in 1988.  The platform over the creek is build on the remains of the mill

The Hilts Planing Mill from an article of the Walking History of Augusta by Jesse Luedtke & Jim Grimm

Jack Ball built the Planing mill in 1868.  He Operated it until 1874.  It was then sold to Mr. L. Bennet and Mr. George Hilts Sr.  In 1886, George Hilts Jr. and sons, Harry and Elsie, took over the business.  In March 1937, Mr. Nusberger brought the mill.  In 1939 the west end of the mill was torn down.  The remaining structure was torn down in 1954.  The Hilts Planing mill was located on the site of Marquardt park

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