History of the Augusta Wisconsin First Ward Park

See authors note about the times the park was built in the 1880s

Augusta Wisconsin History

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City Park Augusta Wisc The First Ward Park in Augusta Wisconsin

The City Park Of Augusta Wisconsin. Also know as First Ward Park. The park was set in 1885 and still exists today. Come, sit a spell, enjoy the quiet and image the beginning of this space. Think about the history on the sign.

Augusta Wisconsin City Park - Originally Call First Ward Park of Augusta Wisconsin

Editors notes:  The 1887 point mentions Memorial Day, However, it was actually known as Decoration Days during the time.

There was a depression in the late 1880's  - the value  of the land likely fell considerably from the original exorbitant 1885 price.  Note that there were no takers in the attempted sale during the Great Depression of the 1930's.  It was likely that the city fathers needed to raise money to keep the city budget in the black.  Also, if you roam around the park you will likely find trees that are old enough to be from the original plantings of more that a century ago .  The picture was taken in 2004 about 20 years after the park was remodeled and updated.

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