Old version of the Map of the the Chippewa Valley

The small version of the Chippewa Valley
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The Map of Counties in Wisconsin and the Map of the Chippewa River Valley Right click on the image to see it full size

The older, smaller version of the Chippewa River Valley on the Wisconsin State Map.  See the counties in the area on the Indianheadcounty.com site Indian Head Thumbnail

Chippewa Valley in Wisconsin
Augusta Wisconsin Map of the Chippewa Valley

The Beautiful Chippewa Valley in Central North Western Wisconsin.   Visit the maps home page to see directions.  See our About Augusta for more tidbits about Augusta Wisconsin

Amish Road Sign in the Augusta Wisconsin Area

Amish Buggies and modern automobiles share our country roads.  Please drive especially carefully when mounting hills and rounding corners on our country roads, there may be an Amish buggy just out of site.

The Chippewa Valley is located in north western Wisconsin. The River and all of its tributaries run into the Mississippi just north of Alma Wisconsin. Come visit us in Augusta Wisconsin. See the Counties in Wisconsin. We are also part of the Indian Head