A detailed map of Lincoln Township in Eau Claire County (Town of Lincoln)

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The Town of Lincoln, near Augusta Wisconsin including the village of Fall Creek Wisconsin

The Lincoln map is best and most fully seen on large screen monitors with a resolution of 1680 x 1080 or larger See lists below this township map for a list of all features.  

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See the Fall Creek WI Business Directory for Business Addresses and Phone Numbers in the Town of Lincoln

Lincoln Township Map

Fall Creek Wisconsin, in the Town of Lincoln, is at the approximate Center of the Eau Claire County.  Fall Creek WI's Zip Code is 54742 - The telephone exchange is 715-877

US Highways, Wisconsin State Roads and County Roads in the Fall Creek WI area and in the Town of Lincoln

Interstate 94 (I-94)
US Highway 12
US Highway 53
Country Road D
Country Road HH
Country Road HH
Country Road HHH
Country Road I
Country Road K
Country Road KK
Country Road V
County Road AF
County Road J
County Road J
County Road JJ
County Road JJ
County Road N
County Road NL
County Road O
County Road SS
County Road V 
Country Road V
County Road AF
County Road J
County Road J
County Road JJ
County Road JJ
County Road N
County Road NL
County Road O
County Road SS
County Road V 

Augusta Wisconsin is 10 miles from Fall Creek Wisconsin on US Highway 12.  Fall Creek is 12 Miles from Eau Claire Wisconsin also on US Highway 12

Named Roads and Byways in Eau Claire County Wisconsin Town of Lincoln

140th Avenue Road, North
140th Avenue Road, South
150th Avenue Road, South
Anklam Road
Birch Tree Lane
Bluejay Road
Boyes Road
Bridgewater Drive
Cattail Drive
Creekview Road
Curler Drive
Deer Road, West
Deer Tail Road
Echo Valley Road
Frostwood Road
Green Line Road
Green Line Road
Greenmeadow Road
Gust Road
Hiawatha Road
Highland Road
Hill Drive
Hillsdale Road, East
Hillsdale Road, West
Hilltop Drive
Hillview Drive
Kennedy Avenue
Kopplin Road, East
Lincoln Drive
Lincoln Drive
Lincoln Townline Road
Marsh Road
Morning Crest Drive
Nehring Road
Oak Knoll Road
O'Brien Road
Pine Road
Railroad Drive
Railroad Drive
Rainbow Road
Ridgeview Road
Riverview Road
Rocky Road
Rodell Road, North
Rodell Road, South
Rossmann Drive
Scenic Drive
Sell Road
Shady Pin Road
Shaleridge Road, North
Shaleridge Road, South
Starline Road
Strawberry Drive
Suncrest Road
Sunrise Drive
Swamp Road
Valley Road
Valley Road, South
Voight Road
WaterTower Road
Wild Rose Drive
Wildwood Road

Areas, Campgrounds, Parks and Locales identified by a common name

Bears Grass Valley  Fall Creek Valley Rodell
Scotts Valley Village of Fall Creek  Big Falls Park County Park  
  Harstad County Park and Campground  

Areas that Border on the Town of Lincoln in Eau Claire County 

Bridge Creek Township
Clear Creek Township  
Ludington Township
Otter Creek Township  
Seymour Township
Washington Township  

Rivers, Creeks, Ponds and other Waterways in Lincoln Township 

Bears Grass Creek
Beaver Creek
Big Falls Park
Bridge Creek
Sand Creek  
Eau Claire River
OOtter Creek

The Map of the Fall Creek WI and and Lincoln Township area is not drawn to scale.  It is hand drawn and locations are approximate. Information is culled from many sources.   Its currency may not be up-to-date because some of the sources are not up-to-date.