Street Names, Features, Locales in and near Augusta Wisconsin

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Streets in Augusta Wisconsin -
See the Augusta Wisconsin Map  or the Augusta Wisconsin Satellite Map for the location of each street and most other features in the area
See a very large map of Bridgecreek Township and Fairchild Township for locations and more features

Lists of the Streets, Country Road, Cemeteries, Rural Schools and Waterway and other features in and near Augusta Wisconsin. Shrinking, Disappearing, Swallowed Up and Vanishing Communities and Locales In Eau Claire County Wisconsin

Click on the links below to see photos of some of street the locations in Augusta. Initially, the Street Map of Augusta was laid out by its founders.  Check out the history pages to find out more about these people.

The Names of Streets and Avenues in Augusta Wisconsin

Anderson Street
Baldwin Street
Bills Street
Brown Street
Buckman Street
Bush Brothers Drive (formerly Highway Street)
Chippewa Street
Colfax Street
Crocker Street
East Street
Grant Street
Hudson Street
Industrial Avenue

Klingman Street
Lafayette Street
Lincoln Street
Madison Street
Main Street
Monroe Street
Oak Street
Park Street
Pease Street
Perkins Street
Pine Street
Railway Avenue
Railway Street

Russell Street
Sand Street
Sandy Hill Drive
Spring Street
Stiles Street
Stone Street
Sutton Road
Washington Street
Water Street
Water Tower Place
Wisconsin Street
Witte Street
Wood Street

Country Roads in the Augusta Wisconsin Area

Airport Road
Bartig Road
Black Bear Road
Black Creek Road
Brunzil Road
Buse Road
Cheney Road (aka Chaney)
County AF
County CF
County F
County G
County GG
County H
County HH
County HHH
County M

County R
County Road ND
County Road SD
County SG
County V
Deer Lane
Faske Road
Forest Road
Gerike Road
Goat Ranch Road
Gregor Road
Henning Road
Horse Creek Road
Jack Pine Road
Karrow Road

Kempton Road
Kruger Road
Lincoln Drive
Livermore Road
Morning Crest Drive
Nehring Road
Oak Ridge Road
Rodell Road
Sieg Road
Simpson Road
Solie Road
Strawberry Drive
Stony Lonesome Road (aka, Stoney)
Stump Road
Sutton Road
Warner Road

Cemeteries in Augusta Wisconsin

East Lawn Cemetery

West Lawn Cemetery

Solie Road Cemetery (heavily overgrown - at the junction of Solie Road and Highway 27

Rivers and Streams, Waterways and water features in and near Augusta Wisconsin

The Big Hole (on BridgeCreek behind the Buckhorn Bar)
Bridge Creek
Coon Creek
Thomson Creek
Sand Creek
First Trestle Creek

Coon Fork Creek
Bears Grass Creek
Diamond Creek (aka No Nothing Creek)
Browns Creek
Hay Creek
Eau Claire River

Eau Claire River North Branch
Eau Claire River South Branch
Lake Eau Claire
Dells Pond

Country and Rural Schools in the Augusta Wisconsin Area

Bears Grass School
Dells Mill School
Diamond Valley School
Hay Creek School

Kirkham Valley School
Pine View School Ludington
Pleasant Valley School
Rodell School

Russell Corners School
Troubled Waters School
  Troubled Waters Grade School
Visit the One Room Schools In Augusta

Disappearing, Swallowed Up and Vanished Eau Claire County Communities and Locales:

Amy Wisconsin
Hadley Valley Wisconsin
Ludington Wisconsin
Kempton Wisconsin
Nizcomer Wisconsin

Norseville Wisconsin
Otter Creek Wisconsin
Porters Mills Wisconsin
Rodell Wisconsin, known as Rosedale Wisconsin on some old maps

Rosedale Wisconsin - now known as Rodell Wisconsin
Truax Wisconsin
Shawtown Wisconsin
Wilson Wisconsin

See the 19th Century Map to see these disappearing Eau Claire County Townships and locations

Other features and areas

Augusta City Park (aka First Ward Park)
Diamond Valley
Lions Field
Grace - Marquardt City Park
Stone Street Gazebo
Lincoln Street Mini Square
Lincoln Street Memorial
Thompson Valley Wisconsin
Lincoln Street Mini Square
Augusta Memorial Athletic Field

Other historical features unidentified - Photos and Information Needed

Brewery Hill Augusta Opera House Augusta Train Station

Augusta Wisconsin is sometime misspelled as Agusta, Augsuta and Agsuta; Wisconsin is sometimes abbreviated WI, Wis. and Wisc. Common misspellings are Wesconsen, Wesconsin, Westconsen, Westconsin, Westconson, Wisconsen, or Wisconson.  We don't care how you spell them, just come visit

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Augusta WI; Seemingly Unchanged By Time